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We are assisting music professionals with their search for talent by offering the largest casting network of professional musicians, crew, bands, and more in the industry.



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Musician Casting offers an elite casting service unmatched by others. By creating profiles with talent information such as resumes, contact information, video, and headshots we are simplifying the connection process. The simple and concise design provides both talent and music professionals an easy to use interface that has professionalized networking in the music industry.

Since its introduction, Musician Casting has become the standard connection and casting platform for musicians and crew.

These amazing opportunities are mostly from partnering up with the best record labels, music directors, agents, and management companies in the industry. As a result Musician Casting has helped countless musicians and crew book tours, gigs, and other work all over the world.



How it works




Musicians, Crew, and Bands

Simply create an account and log into their Musician Casting profile. Here is where they can edit their profiles by uploading their resume, headshot, video/media links, and contact information. Once their profile is completed they can now search and filter though the vast array of opportunities we offer on the Musician Casting Network. When submitted, Music Professionals will receive these submissions and directly contact the people they select fit for the job. This gives our Musicians and Crew the flexibility to negotiate and set their own rate for their talent and services.




Music Professionals

Simply create an account and log into their Musician Casting profile. They can now post any gig, job, or opportunity directly to the Musician Casting Network. When posted, Musicians, Crew, and Bands will be able to view these opportunities and submit their profile. Music Professionals can now share, search, and filter through these submissions on our easy to use interface finding the exact talent they need. This gives our Music Professionals the flexibility to connect directly to the talent for availability and rates.

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Musicians, Crew, and Bands

Unlike other websites we are NOT a referral service or agency, meaning you are never submitting to Musician Casting. There are numerous other websites that "repost" opportunities to drive users to their website. Your submission to them offers no guarantee they will ever pass your information on to the correct employer. We always insure you are submitted directly to the record labels, management, and more looking for talent. All profiles on Musician Casting are completely private and not accessible by other users or the public. This gives our most elite users a safe place to connect with Music Professionals and book opportunities without letting anyone view their personal profile information.

Music Professionals

We offer the largest database of professional Bands, Musicians, Crew and more in the industry. Unlike other websites we are a completely private service. Music Professional's profiles and information are completely private giving everyone including our elite users a safe place to find talent and post opportunities without sacrificing their personal contact information or company information.  With an account you get completely free access to our elite database of talent all from around the world. There are no hidden fees or “premium” accounts. Music Professionals have the opportunity to connect with the exact talent they need for any given situation around the world.

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