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Musician Casting is your one stop service for great and legit gigs. A lot of the time applying to gigs online can be daunting and seemingly a waste of time, however Musician Casting makes it simple and straightforward. I simply created a profile and submitted my application-they do everything else! A few days later I got called for an audition and got the gig! We left for a 8 week national tour one week later. I wouldn't have had this once in a lifetime opportunity if it wasn't for Musician Casting!

Nicholas Veinoglou

Professional Touring Musician

So thankful to have found musicians casting in time to audition for this tour with the multi platinum recording artist that I just landed. Signing up was super easy and I received a reply right away. Thank you Musician Casting for creating a platform for great musicians to have direct access and communication with the industries greatest A&Rs and casting directors.

Taylor Gordon

Professional Touring Musician

I recently applied for a gig on Musician Casting for an artist looking to play a simple acoustic show. The website was incredibly easy to use and within a couple of days I got a call that I got the gig. After playing the show, the artists manager approached me with an offer to MD the artists live show and set up all her live arrangements and her live band. The whole process on Musician Casting was simple, professional and led to future opportunities.

Cody Perrin

Professional Touring Musician

After being a part of Musician Casting for some time, and submitting multiple applications, this is the first gig that I have booked. All I had to do was upload a video of myself performing, and let the employers review my profile. It took them less than a day to get back to me and state that I was chosen for a major national tour! The process was quick, easy, and scam free!

Conner Kuehn

Professional Touring Musician

Thanks to Musician Casting, I was able to perform in-front of a Major Label Artist, their A&R and the Director of Artist Development for the whole label. Even though this particular audition didn't work out, the Director of Artist Development for the label gave me his personal contact after my audition so I can follow up with him for future gigs/artists. I'm currently the Music Director/Guitarist for some great artists and I've been fortunate to land some high-profile gigs but I would not have been able to make this Major Label connection without Musician Casting. Thank you Musician Casting for the great opportunity and the connections.

Ryan Streeter

Professional Touring Musician

Through Musicians Casting I was able to audition for a new artist on Hollywood Records. I responded to the Musicians Casting post on Facebook for a guitar player/MD, built a profile on the MC website, submitted for the gig and was notified that I had secured an audition slot. I made it through several rounds of auditions but the artist and his team ultimately decided to go a different direction. However it was a great experience and well worth my time, I made some valuable connections and look forward to other great opportunities. Big thanks to Musicians Casting!

Hubie Wang

Professional Touring Musician

Musician Casting made the process of finding a drummer incredibly easy for our client (signed to Hollywood Records). One quick post and I was suddenly in touch with dozens of eligible candidates. Musician Casting went out of their way to ensure we found the right person for the job... We will absolutely use the service the next time we're looking for talent.

Adam Samuels

This Fiction Management

Within a month of my registration, I submitted for a Major Label audition exclusively found through Musician Casting, and now I'm playing with the artist. My experience is a simple testament to how Musician Casting really works.

Sterling Laws

Professional Touring Musician

Musician Casting is a resource I've been waiting for! The functionality of the website and search makes it seamless to find reputable professional talent and crew in a timely manner. I highly recommend Musician Casting to both talent and those seeking talent. It came through big for our company on a number of occasions, and I'll be using this service again.

Paul George

Podwall Entertainment Management

I recently got a call for an audition through Musician Casting. It was my first time using the site and as such I was unsure what to expect. After going through the process of applying and auditioning through the site it is clear that unlike some other online music job sites Musician Casting actually offers quality gig opportunities. The site itself is very straight forward and easy to use and once I was called for the audition they provided me with all the information I needed and everything ran smoothly from there. I have since recommended the site to several of my musician friends and will continue to do so.

Kelly Appleton

Professional Touring Musician

Musician Casting is the bees knees! They got me an in person audition with a Major Label Artist and their management. All I did was take two seconds and submit my application through their website. Super easy. Thank you to Musician Casting for the hook up!

Caleb Nelson

Professional Touring Musician

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